Sunday, 6 April 2008

Happy Birthday Poppy ... and SNOW

Happy Birthday to my precious Poppy, 11 years old today.

Poppy is the sweetest little dog I've ever owned, she has no vices and would work until she dropped. I love Poppy so much it hurts.

I got up at 7.00 am this morning and took the dogs outside and then fed them and took Andy a cup of tea (nice of me.) By the time I'd done this the snow was falling and settling. We rang Leah to see if we were still on for training and she said that Jan had left home already so the answer was yes! Before we left I took a few photos of the garden. I can't believe the contrast from yesterday. Crazy April/British weather.

Training was brilliant. I'll do a separate blog entry about that (right now I'm off to Dartford to do a training session with the BSD team members.) I got some video so hopefully there'll be something to post from that. The most important thing about the training was that I did ........ wait for it ............ PUSH THROUGHS. I can't believe it. Leah helped me and for the first time I achieved it for three jumps and on the run. I think Andy managed to record it so watch this space. It is truly a miracle.


  1. Happy birthday Poppy ! and wow push throughs impressive, perhaps you can now teach me how to do them too :0)

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR POPPY :-) 6/4 must be a birthday for special dogs - Whizz is 12 today! She celebrated it by gaining 99/100 points at rally obedience class 2 and won the class :o)

  3. OK nancy now you must invite me, Karen and Lisa over to teach us multiple push thrus. The WAVE of the future! haha! I cannot believe you ran that fast, I want video proof! ;-)
    It must be a special day as Whizz and Poppy are two very special border collies and I don't even like most border collies!

  4. I have video proof. I will try to post tomorrow! I didn't even run fast but it worked! Andy also did it with Kizzy.

    I am offering lessons in the garden £100 per ten minutes (Leah is taking a cut so it has to be that expensive!)