Thursday, 3 April 2008

This and that

We had a lovely walk in Eridge on Abbey's birthday. I took four dogs with me and Andy walked Becky and Murphy locally. I took Kizzy as we had an appointment at the vets and that is only 5 minutes away from my Eridge walk.

Here are some pictures, they're not very good because it was rather a dull day. Abbey really enjoyed the walk and it gave her a good appetite for her dinner!

We went to the vet for Kizzy to have her rabies jab. In three weeks' time she'll have blood tests. The results of the blood test will take about a week or so to come through and if positive her passport will be issued, back dated to the day the bloods were taken. So we have about a month to wait and see if we're in time to have the option of going to the sheltie agility show in Germany in October. Fingers crossed for a positive result.

After the vets I popped in for a visit with Mum as her nursing home is just a few minutes from the vet. She was quite well but not very communicative.

Both yesterday and today we have had lovely clean dog walks. It's such a treat coming back from the walk and just letting the dogs straight into their beds in the kitchen rather than ferrying them out to the washing area. They couldn't believe their luck as they all hate being washed and dried - especially Niamh and Kizzle.

Last night I went training at Leah's for the first time. I really enjoyed it. Both Niamh and myself were really exhausted by the end of the lesson but it was really good. Niamh did her funny thing in the weaves a couple of times but mostly they were good. I was really pleased with her efforts, she was full of herself and did some really good stuff. I so need to get fitter. It isn't helped by the fact that I was struggling with this wretched cold but I can't use that as a complete excuse; I must lose weight and get fitter. Maybe once the spring comes along I'll feel more motivated, this awful weather just makes me miserable and then I eat things I shouldn't!

Oh well ..... I'll start the diet on Monday!


  1. Blimey that's really dried out since last weekend. Might give it a try tomorrow.

    You should try Monday night, you'd really go home shattered:)

  2. Yeah tell me about it Paula, Mac really puts us through our paces on a Monday.

    The walk looked lovely Nancy.
    You have to gear yourself up to diet and be in the right frame of mind. Because I have been in so much pain with my feet, I knew that losing weight could only help. I've been going to Weight Watchers for 6wks now and I've lost 15lb. I am determined to do it and my next goal is another stone before Supadogs.
    You can do it Nancy.

  3. Maybe we should make our own fitness club. We all need the support! Some people find it so easy; I am NOT one of them! If I wasn't into dog agility I would be even lazier! ha!

  4. mmm no me neither, instead of losing weight I seem to be putting it on so I would be up for a fit club !! kx

  5. We must meet up at Eridge sometime Nancy. I've been a couple of times recently and it was VERY muddy!! How did you find a dry bit?

    I've managed to lose a bit of weight recently, but have now lapsed back into the bad old ways unfortunately, so I'll probably put it all back on again. Such is life............

  6. Sara - it was still quite muddy on the main paths as there's been quite a bit of vehicle movement in there where the forestry guys have been working. I know lots of little pathways through the trees and stay off the main pathways when it's muddy. All in all the dogs were pretty clean. Yes, we'll have to meet up for a walk and I'll show you some clean routes!


  7. Fingers & toes crossed for Kizzy's results - the International show is gr8 fun! :)