Saturday, 19 April 2008

Bad blogger .... again!

Oh dear, I haven't updated the blog in over a week. Just been too busy. Last weekend was hectic with Andy going off to the Midlands to judge the European Open trials. He over nighted with Dave Ray so we didn't see him from Friday morning until late Saturday evening. He was pretty tired when he got home and then we were up at 5.00 am on the Sunday to judge the sheltie show. This was fun but very tiring and the day was a long one. Consequently on Monday we were very tired!

From a personal viewpoint the EO trials were a success as Andy's courses seemed to work well and importantly our friends qualified for the event in Germany. Namely: Leah & Herbie; Bernadette & Hex; Helen & Henners; Sarah & Tigg and Lisa & Chi. Yippee! Go gals! I won't publish the courses as Leah and Bernadette have done so. I think we might use them for training in due course!

Manda and Kodak had a fantastic first show at the Sheltie show gaining 6th place in the Helter Skelter class which I judged. I was so pleased for them. Kodak really enjoyed his first show as did Manda!

On the Saturday Karen came over for a bit of training and lunch. We had a good time training Todd and Kizzy. I did confess to Andy that I had a little session with his precious girl! I was good and didn't do any contacts (well, just one A-frame). I did some go rounds and some jumping sequences. She was great fun and I am going to steal her and if I fail then I am going to steal Todd. Karen kindly let me have one go with Todd and he was great. I think I am a very good sheltie handler - ho hum!

Rather than doing one of my megga updates I'll do some individual entries so you can choose what to read and what to ignore!

In the next post I'm finally going to post the video I took when we trained at Leah's a couple of weeks' back together with a little update on Kizzle's progress. Then separately I'll do an update on our day out at Wallingford today!


  1. Yay! Thanks Nancy. I am still a bit stunned about the EOs. Henners is chilled.x

  2. Ah glad all is well - I was worried about you! Sounds like a busy week - I think weekends should be 3 days, 2 days to do stuff and one day to rest!

    Lorna x