Wednesday, 30 April 2008

A belated first place for Niamh

I just got a letter from the Kennel Club saying that the person who won a G5 agility class that Niamh and I came second in at last year's KC festival has been disqualified and therefore Niamh and I move up to first place.

I knew someone had been running at the wrong grade at that show because they qualified for Crufts in the same final as Niamh and on the day they weren't present and rumour was that they had been disqualified. It must have been this same person in this class. Now I have to send back my trophy and rosette to get the first placed ones instead! Um, where is it?

Good girl Niamh, I will give you an extra biscuit!


  1. Sad for the other person but GREAT for Niamh! (and Nancy!) What happens if you don't have the trophy anymore??

  2. Um,I don't know! Can't even remember what it was. Oops. Still it's nice to add to Niamh's record of wins whilst she was in G5.

  3. I'll give you a clue, they were all glass! Engraved with the logo! Twix's are wine type glasses I think.

    Well done Nancy and Niamh.

    Oh and thank you for your comment on my blog.. I will write 1000 times, I will stop stressing about dog walks lol.


  4. Well done!! Better late than never!! Good girls Niamh and Nancy!!