Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Training on Tuesday 22/4/08

We had a really good night at training. I set up another handling exercise from Greg's dvd this time working on wrong ends of tunnels. As always we added bits into the sequence so we could work on other stuff. We added the weaves into the middle of exercise so we could practise weave entries later in the evening.

It's a very good exercise to do and was a lot of fun because the dogs get a real good run on the straights and it's nice to see them open up on a straight line as we do quite a lot of twisty turny stuff!

The puppies did exactly the same class and they were fantastic. Kizzy was amazing, really powering down the line to the tunnels and she had 100% success going into the tunnels without any stuttering. Most of us worked on our physical cues for this exercise without too much vocal command. Kizzy took one jump so quickly that she knocked it and did a head over heels. Andy was mortified but she just got up and shot through the tunnel!

Here's the pattern in case any one wants to try it.

For the blue square sequence we all had a go at working the A-Frame and Long Jump wide and sending our dogs over #4 on our left hand, collecting them over #5 on our right hand and pushing round the corner to the tunnel #6. It worked very well. Some brave people also sent their dogs into the tunnel #6 and front crossed #7 and pushed into the weaves. This also worked really well provided you got into position as soon as your dog committed to the tunnel.

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