Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Under water

It has rained so much overnight and all day to day that our garden and agility area is under water. We've taken up the rugs in the summer house as it looks as if it's going to get in any time now.

We've emailed pictures to our next door neighbour and he's coming home from work and hopefully getting some bags so we can make up sand bags as we have tons of the stuff down the yard.

Andy is just off now to check our next door neighbour but one, they have chickens and are out at work and we suspect they could be swimming chickens. He's just got back and the water has got into their conservatory so now we frantically trying to get in touch with them to get them home but Grant works abroad a lot. Panic!

The dog's pee patch is under water like the rest of the garden but luckily we have gravel out on the front drive so that dogs have been out their for a wee.

The water is only about five or six inches from our french doors at the back of the house so I'm really worried we're going to get flooded. The water has poured off the fields into our left hand neighbour's garden and because we sit a little lower it's all ending up in ours, Mike and Ellen's and Grant and Sue's gardens

Here are some pictures of our garden and our next door neighbour's.


  1. OMG I do hope it stops raining and it doesnt get any worse xxx

  2. OMG - hope the water drains away soon before it gets any worse.

    Thinking of you xx

    Lorna x

  3. OMG I missed this yesterday, hope it didn't get any worse after the rain started again last night.

  4. That's increadable!
    Did you see on Johanna's blog way back she was doing water agility when her yard flooded - there's no end to wot some ppl will do to proof contacts i can tell U!
    Fingers crossed for dry summer windy westher to dry you out