Sunday, 13 January 2008

Another weekend flies by

The weekends just seem to fly past. We've been busy again with Al here working both days. When Al goes home we always see such a huge difference as he gets so much stuff done.

This weekend he built a little house for my dog shower and blaster. It's fantastic and makes life so much easier. He lagged the pipes so that it won't get frozen in the cold weather and the roof is felted. It's brilliant!

At last the tumble drier has moved from the green house into the new extension. That will be a luxury! Al also fitted the new door between the garage and utility room, it looks really nice much better than the temporary plaster board door we had. He also connected an outdoor tap next to my dog washing unit (for watering cans to be filled etc.) and another out the front so that Andy can wash the cars more easily (hint!) I've said it before but I just don't know what we'd do without Al, he can do anything and we certainly wouldn't have progressed this far without him.

The ground is holding up really well despite all the rain we've had recently. Yesterday I did my usual beginner lesson and then Andy and Paula did some training in the afternoon. Today I had two new people come for a lesson and even though it had poured most of the night, the strong winds this morning helped to dry out the ground and it was fine. When it's actually pouring with rain it gets quite stodgy but once the rain has stopped it seems to dry out really quickly.

We went for a very muddy walk with the dogs this afternoon and Kizzy wore her new Equafleece coat which arrived yesterday. It's a perfect fit but when I put it on her indoors she decided she couldn't possibly walk wearing this coat. In fact it was so traumatic her legs wouldn't move at all. Strangely enough when we arrived on our walk she forgot all about this trauma and tore around in her usual fashion. In fact she made her new coat dirty! It was very cold over the fields in the strong winds and we decided to get her a coat because she is almost bald at the moment. Fingers crossed her new coat will start to grow one day!

Here are some pictures of our walk today. Now we are going to collapse on the sofa and veg out watching some dross on the box!

Kizzle the purple sheltie modelling her new coat

Naughty Niamh on today's walk


  1. She's looks lovely in her new coat, the colour really suits her.

  2. Love the video on the entry below - especially the credits!!And I am well impressed by the shower/drier set up! My lot have to come in with their mud and sleep in the kitchen on their fleecey beds til most of it drops off....I spend my life washing fleecey blankets and not looking too closely at the kitchen floor....

  3. Very nice blower and shower cabinet, and Kizzy looks very cute in her new fleece

  4. Those equa fleece are brill 0! i though it was Zen in a coat at 1st!