Friday, 11 January 2008

Some lovely walks

Over the holiday we've had some lovely long walks with the dogs. Some of the pictures aren't great as they were taken with my phone but some are better when we remembered to take a proper camera. I can't wait for the end of January when I get my new camera! It's a small compact camera, nothing too fancy but it will be easy for me to carry on walks and take much better pictures than my phone!

The walks just before Christmas were the best as it was frosty and so all the dogs stayed clean. Over the holiday it wasn't too bad but this week the mud has been awful. It's taken me ages to get all the dogs cleaned up after their walk. During the week I walk them by myself so that Andy can get on in the office and it takes up most of the morning by the time I've walked, cleaned and then fed them. It's a hard life ...... but I'm not complaining as I love dog walking!

In one or two of the photos you can see Niamh modelling her new Equafleece in one of them (much to her utter disgust!) I have ordered one for Kizzy which should arrive soon. She is so bald that she needs a coat on cold days. The one she is modelling is a little too large for her. She is very honoured to be wearing it as it belonged to my very first dog, my precious little crossbreed Lizzie and nobody has worn than coat for 14 years. I can't believe that's how long she has been gone from my life - 14 years on 23rd December gone. She was a huge character and one that is still so vivid in my memories. I loved her very much and still miss her.

Anyway, enough of that: here are the pictures ...........

We're here - come and find us in the grass!

Line up!

This stick is nearly as big as me!

Heavy frost - wonderful for keeping the dogs clean!

Lovely frosty walk

Morning sunrise

Kizzy with a favourite toy: a plastic bottle

If you look past Becky in this photo you can just about spot Abbey rolling around on the floor, one of her favourite pass times!

Pops posing in her little coat

Kizzy and Poppy

Kizzle modelling her borrowed coat

The Hudsondoglets posing

Abbey in her coat looking up at me for biscuits!

Naughty Niamh modelling her new coat!

Back indoors, clean, fed and tired - leave us in peace please!

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  1. lovely pictures of your walks and bless little Kizzie in Lizzies coatxx