Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year to everyone

We had a quiet Christmas with visits to friends and neighbours, the usual stuff really. I was very lucky and got a new coffee machine which I've been wanting for ages. Now I can have all sorts of different coffees at the push of a button. Andy also bought me a lovely bracelet which was a total surprise! I have lots of new books to read as well!

I bought Andy various stocking fillers including an LED head torch. He looks so funny going out at night to give the dogs their late night toilet but even he has to confess it does make life easier in finding what they leave behind whilst keeping hands free to fight with a poo bag, something we can all relate to! I also bought him some DVDs, a pen set and lots of other bits so it wasn't just a poo patrol torch!

We went to Dan & Mac's on Christmas day after we'd all been for a visit to Mum. She was on very good form and really seemed to enjoy having us all there together. We took Kizzy along and she was amazing. We couldn't believe how well behaved she was. Dan and Mac brought Ellie along and so Mum had two dogs on the bed for the afternoon! On Boxing day we went to Dad's for supper. Dan and Mac came as well and our step brother Graham. It was a really nice evening but none of us were aware at that point what the following day would bring.

Christmas was made very sad in our family. Mac's mum has been battling against cancer and was just starting another round of chemo. She and Roger (Mac's dad) had lunch with Dan and Mac on Christmas day and she was on pretty good form. Then on Boxing day evening she took a serious turn for the worse and she died the following morning. She was at home with all her family round her. Although she was very ill, nobody expected that she would pass away so soon especially as she was just at the start of another round of treatment. Our thoughts are with Mac and her family at this really sad time. Pat was the heart of her family and will be missed so much by all of them.

Bernadette and Dennis came for a walk and lunch on the day that Pat passed away. It was good to have company and get on and do something. We did quite a big walk and the weather was fine. We took all of ours and in addition had the company of Hex and Hob-b. The dogs were really good together and had a good run out.

Ed our stepfather has a bad chest infection and he was taken into hospital a couple of days ago. We're hoping that he'll be out today and that they've managed to get it under control. He isn't well at all and still has to have dialysis thrice weekly. It's a real struggle for him. He was quite well on Christmas day when he was visiting Mum with us but then he became very ill. It was Mac who found him slumped at the kitchen table when she took his paper round. Poor Mac really didn't need that after just losing her Mum.

We wish all our friends and family a happy new year and look forward to seeing you all soon.


  1. So there's competition for Murphy now!!! We'll see about that!
    Ha - P New Year!
    I'd like to know wot shows Andy's judging at coz we wanna win a ticket under Andy this year!

  2. You and good friends have had an awful time. Sending positive thoughts and sympathy to all of you. Hx

  3. Please give my love to Mac, I know what it's like to lose a Mum at Christmas and from the same thing so have every sympathy.

  4. There is no competition Murphy is MINE !!!!! he matches Jess lol lol Happy new year to you all and sincere sympathy to Mac look forward to catching up soon kx

  5. Happy New Year to Nancy & Andy and all the Doglets!! Wishing you all a very Happy, Prosperous, Successful and Healthy 2008!!

    Sorry to hear about Pat, our sympathy go to Mac.

  6. Sorry to hear the sad news.

    Hope 2008 brings lots of happiness.

    Lorna x