Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Back to training school at last!

At last we started training at our indoor school after the Christmas/new year holiday. We delayed starting by two weeks firstly for Pat's funeral and then last week because of the floods.

It was good to get back and get focused. I work so much better when I'm with my usual training mates.

I was really pleased with Niamh's dog walk. Her 'behaviour' on the down plank was as good as it's been in the garden so that's a good test passed. It's up to me to keep up the practise and not let it slip. In preparation for Crufts I'm planning a couple of sessions up at Pete and Val's to try her out on their carpet surface. Pete's going to set me up some jumps and weaves and I think Mac and Spud are coming along with us.

We had a good course layout tonight which comprised workshop sections which could be linked together for longer sequences as well. We're going to mirror image it and use it again next week as we didn't get through all the sequences. Naturally it contained the two jump minuet!

Here it is in case anyone else wants to set it up as it was quite a useful pattern.

Kizzy also had a good lesson despite Andy's lack of mobility. He's currently strapped up so that his neck stays straight, the Physio did this today and he has to wear this strapping until his next appointment on Thursday. Kizzy did all her weaves correctly with lots of variations on entries and Andy's positioning/movement. This is the first time she's done the weaves at the training school so he was very happy with this. She also did lots of wing wrapping both handler same side and cross behinds. Both are getting stronger with each practise session. We also did the tyre/collapsible tunnel combination and some contact training. All in all it was a good night and great to be back!


  1. Have copied this plan looks like there is loads to do on it! Glad NSNN's dog walk is as good at school and also that poor Andy is still able to train Kizzie with his neck taped up poor chap :0(

  2. I wish I had a good competitive club to train at each week. :-( The closest ones are 1 hour away and I just can't do that at night. (too lazy!)

  3. Some good training stuff!!!!