Friday, 11 January 2008


Have been a bad blogger lately so here's a little update on Kizzy's training.

Things have progressed well over the Christmas holidays. Andy has been out doing different bits and pieces every other day and it really shows. I am not allowed to film yet but next week I'm going to stamp my feet and insist as I want to put a video on the blog!

Her weaves are coming on in leaps and bounds and she is picking up entries from all angles. She has transitioned from the v-weaves to the upright poles and this has gone really smoothly. On Saturday Kizzy came along to a training day at Sue's that I was taking and we were amazed at how well she kept up with the rest of the class. Kizzy had been doing brilliant weaves at home but in this new environment she kept popping out and missing her entries. After some assistance from Gran'ma, the pot was put back at the end of the poles and hey presto the problem was fixed. She did some great entries and stopped popping out. The training session lasted for 3.25 hours and I really didn't think Kizzy would stay the course but she did and was just as lively at the end. She's a little pointed dynamo. Karen also did stuff with Todd and he was amazing as well, they both did some complex set pieces and I was very impressed!

The training day was great fun and we had a lovely lunch thanks to Bernadette's friend who had made two lasagnes; a meat version and a veggie version. We all crowded into Sue's dining room and stuffed our faces. Very nice it was too!

Kizzy has had a bit of a glitch on the seesaw. She keeps turning round and coming back down as soon as she reaches the pivot point and then targeting at the wrong end. Crafty sheltie, even though she was a bit scared and didn't want to go all the way to the end she would still try to get her food by targeting somewhere! We think she might have done a seesaw by herself when Andy was fixing the weaves or something and in the process given herself a bit of a scare. Anyway with assistance from Gran'ma things are almost back to normal. Bernadette gave Andy some help and he has been following her advice and Kizzy is responding well to this 'fix'. Her confidence is returning which is a relief!

Here are some photos of Kizzy at the training day thanks to Dennis for taking these brilliant shots. These are our first photos of the Kizzle in action!


  1. It was a great training day and Kizzie was a little star, love the pictures of Kizzie in action she looks fantastic, sorry to copy but had to post Todds too :0)

  2. Thank you very much for the lovely training day. You are such a great trainer and I enjoyed it very much. Kizzy was great and I was surprised she still have lots of energy after 3 hours long training! The action shots are marvelous!

  3. Kizzy looks absolutely fantastic :o) And great photoes!!!