Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Lovely long walk

We moped a bit on Sunday and spent some time doing the little blog tribute to Tina. Even though she was very old and frail it still takes time to sink in that you won't see her again. Tina was with us for such a long time and it seems like the end of an era. I am glad though that she's at peace.

Andy went with Dan to visit Mum. They took Ellie with them and Mum was delighted to see her. The most upsetting thing at the moment is that Mum keeps saying she wants to get up and dressed and go home. She says she thinks she will be fine to cope by herself now. It's so hard trying to talk to her about this without patronising her but at the same time being realistic. The fact is she can't do anything for herself but doesn't seem to realise this. She is very bright at the moment and seems able to have more detailed conversations. This makes things so difficult.

When Andy got back home we decided at 4.00 pm to go for a nice walk in our local fields. We had a lovely time and what was supposed to be an hour's walk turned into nearly 2.5 hours. The dogs were very tired when we got home which meant we could watch the rugby (Scotland vs Argentina) in peace. Well, Andy did. Karen called me to see if we were OK after losing Tina and nearly 2 hours later I put the phone down! We had a really good natter. Naturally Andy kept making sarcastic comments about aching jaws blah blah!

The rugby on Saturday was just brilliant. We watched the England match fully expecting the Aussies to thrash us. But no, we played brilliantly and won. Then to make things even better France beat the hot favourites, the All Blacks, so it means we meet France next weekend. It would be just magic if we could win this semi final and have a shot at retaining the crown.

Here are some photos of our lovely walk on Sunday afternoon. It's nice looking at them now as it's currently pouring down outside and is very dismal.

Murphy waiting for the girls to catch up!

Kizzy joins in the collie line up! Abbey and Poppy were too busy sniffing to join in!

This above photo shows a nice perspective of our lovely runways. The fields are owned by a farmer who hires them to a syndicate of flyers. They have microlights and a couple of little light aeroplanes (one owned by our GP.) They keep the runways mown and it's lovely to walk along them. You know when to be careful, if the big barn doors are open it means the aircraft are out and you just have to keep an eye and ear out for take offs and landings.

Collie line up with small intruder again!

An interesting riverbank to sniff along!

More sniffing, the little black dot at the back is Murphy waiting for them to catch up and play!

Naughty Niamh - I really think she has the biggest tongue in the world!

Kizzle sharing a sniff with her best friend Poppy

Beautiful Becks

On our way to the runways

Kizzle taking a look at the river - that's as far as she will go. She isn't fond of getting wet.

Abbey taking a look at something across the river - see photo below for what she's looking at. So Cute!

Me aahhing at the little calves. I love calves, I think they're possibly the cutest baby animals.

Who are you looking at?

Surveying the scene, should have taken some piccies of the view I was looking at. Lovely hills with lots of colour as the leaves are on the turn. Will take more photos on next walk!

Below are some pictures of the bridge which crosses the river. This was as far as we went on this walk. You can keep going and going if you want but we'd already been out for ages and decided to turn back otherwise it would be dark by the time we got home! The nice thing is that you can walk back a different way so you don't have to retrace your steps if you don't want to. I like circular walks best. This is our everyday walk but we don't always go that far. You can pick much smaller walks according to what time you have free.

It gets a bit muddy in the winter but not too bad. The fields drain pretty well. We can keep our dogs out of the river most of the time, the return walk is along a smaller stream and we struggle to keep them out of that! Kizzy and Niamh don't go anywhere near, they are not water babies like the others. Murphy, Becky and Poppy love to swim, Abbey just likes to paddle!

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  1. Ahhhh I love calves too they are just too cute ! achy jaws !!! lol lol lol