Monday, 1 October 2007

Bad Sheltie & Other Stuff

We've been really busy over the last week. Our building work is on a final push to get finished. It's exciting but at the same time I'm sick of it! On Friday Karen and Todd came over for lunch and a bit of training. I was very impressed with both Kizzy and Toddy (Andy and Karen weren't too bad either!) They did some good stuff once Kizzle had settled down and stopped showing off to Todd because it was her paddock and her equipment. She was a right little monster to start with, tearing round, barking (yes Bernadette, barking ...... ggrrrrr) and generally being a bad sheltie. After lunch Andy had to go on a site visit and Karen and I took the dogs for a nice walk in the pouring rain. They had a good time and it was a lovely day. Karen gave Kizzy a lovely present - a beautiful leather collar in purple. It's really gorgeous and will be her every day collar.

Karen's crowd with my three!
Naughty Niamh, Abbey, Jess, Poppy, Todd, Tikka, Sassy, Corrie & Sparkie

I did a training day on Saturday which seemed to go down well with the attendees. I certainly enjoyed it as they were a really nice bunch of people. I was very tired at the end of the day though. On Sunday I attended a training session myself with the Naughty Niamh. We had a great time and our trainer, Natasha Wise, was brilliant. Tash had obviously put a lot of thought into her programme and I think everyone enjoyed the session. I came away with a couple of really good ideas to practise.

Tomorrow our little visitor, Tazz, goes home. We will really miss him as he's such a little sweet heart. He's like a cuddly version of Kizzy. Talking of Kizzy, she is a monster at the moment. I think she's quite jealous of the attention we've been giving to Tazz. She is rampaging in the evenings to the point where I'm beginning to think of getting her soft crate in. She is running round the walls across us and the other dogs and being generally BAD. I had Tazz on my lap last night and out of the blue she landed on top of both of us. She is a wicked little sheltie at the moment. Of course, she is still gorgeous and beautiful but WICKED.

This morning I left four of them in the kitchen while I did some work on the PC for Andy. When I returned to make the builders their tea she was sitting in a red snow storm (see picture). Dennis our builder had put a piece of red cladding on a sheet of ply to protect the beam it was leaning up against (said piece of ply being in place to keep the bad sheltie in the kitchen and out of the new extension) and Kizzle decided it was fun to play with ..... and destroy!

Bad Sheltie


  1. Sounds like you need a refund!! roflol! I'd blame the breeder myself - for all that badness :)

  2. OMG the look on Kizzies face is priceless!! naughty girl you wouldnt catch Todd destroying anything lol lol lol Thanks for a lovely lunch and fun training session and walking in the rain in company is much nicer than one your own !!

  3. Danny [with Delta] enjoyed his training afternoon with you Nancy.
    Many thanks. Val Clark