Friday, 5 October 2007

Some pictures of our building project

Here are a few before and after pictures of our building work and how things have changed since we moved here. Things are getting close to being finished but as always the final touches seem to take ages!

Above is the old store room where they had an outside toilet and kept the washing machine, the third door nearest the stable door led into the grotty garage.
Below demolition of the store and garage
Below the new extension

Above the space where the old flat roofed garage stood; below the new garage with loft above

Above with new front windows and new roof line over garage and extension

Above before; below now

Below is a picture of the kitchen now knocked through to the new utility room. It will be nicer once the fridge moves into its proper place, it's only there as a temporary measure.

Below a few more pictures of the extension from the outside.


  1. What a lovely house you have, very nice and spacy! When is your agility equipments going to move in?

  2. Hi Lian

    Our equipment has moved in. It's very happy in its new home too!

    I will take a picture over the weekend to show you!