Friday, 5 October 2007

The bad sheltie has been at it again!

This time we have a sponge storm! Here she is showing off her new purple collar (from Karen) but she doesn't deserve this lovely collar as she's such a BAD SHELTIE. Becky isn't looking as she doesn't want to be caught up in the trouble zone!

Bad wicked monster sheltie


  1. That's nothing you should have seen the stable yard when Dudley got hold of a new 3 pack of sponges and they didn't belong to me!!!


  2. Hi Paula

    Whoops, now why doesn't that surprise me of Darling Duds!


  3. ahhhhhhh bless shes not bad really just missin her fav. cousin !! I think Todd is in show withdrawl too as he helped me with the garden today mmmmmmmmm and lets say hes dug a hole and a half ! kx

  4. mmmmm dogs seem to like sponges....a few weeks back Cadders got hold of a sponge and ripped it to bits and ate most of it...

    Lorna x

  5. Naughty Sheltie! Where on earth coudl she had gotten those bad habbits...........