Sunday, 7 October 2007

Goodbye Tina

Last night we had to make the decision to let Tina go to sleep. She has been a big part of our lives for such a long time.

We gave her a home when she was sixteen months old. She had been in training as a guide dog but failed at the very last hurdle as she chased a cat when in harness! That was typical of Tina. She was already pushing things to limit with her training, instead of waiting at the kerbside for all the traffic to be clear, she would wait for a moment and then weave in and out of slow moving cars. Why wait for a continuous gap when she could weave in and out!

She fitted in with our family and became Andy's dog. They had a lot of fun together in agility. She won into senior but had to retire quite young at 8 years of age due to arthritis in her front legs. She wasn't too fond of travelling and as she got older we took to dropping her off with Mum and Ed for weekends when we were off to shows. When she was 12 years old she decided to move in permanently with them and had a wonderful retirement. Mum and Ed absolutely adored her. They rescued another dog soon after Tina moved in and Ellie and Tina became inseparable. Then earlier this year Mum became ill and Eddie couldn't cope with the dogs by himself. The plan was that we would have Tina back and Dan and Mac would take Ellie. However, it became apparent that Tina just didn't want to be without Ellie and so Dan and Mac took them both. We helped out at holiday times. She was always our dog and our responsibility and we can't thank Dan and Mac enough for taking her so that she could be with her little friend right to the end.

Tina on the right with her best friend Ellie

She had been struggling for a little while and last night it was obvious that she'd had enough and it was time for her to leave us. She was just over 15.5 years of age and had a wonderful life but it's still heartbreaking to lose her.


  1. So sorry to hear your news. She was a great age and had a great life. She can now play pairs with Blaze at Rainbows Bridge. Sleep

    Sara & Steve

  2. Just so sorry to hear your sad news thinking of you both, karen xx

  3. So sorry to hear about Tina - you gave her a lovely life.

    Take Care, Lorna x

  4. We are very sorry to hear the saddest news. Thinking of you.

    Lian & the boys

  5. Sorry to read about Tina - sweet dreams.

    Love from us all here at Bluewyle


  6. Fond memories seems like only yesterday we brought her to the Malvern Show. She had a great life with you and your family and will always be remembered for the great character that she was Thinking of you both, farewell T.
    love Dave and Chris xx

  7. So sorry to read of your loss. I never met Tina but she looked a lovely dog with loads of character.