Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Bad blogger

I have been a bad blogger and not posted a single entry in over a week.

We've been really busy with loads of stuff relating to our building projects. The front pillars have been built ready for our new fencing to go in along the front boundary. I am really looking forward to this job being completed as it means we'll be able to shut off the road. It can be a busy road and it will be nice to be behind gates at last.

Nice new gate posts

Just as we started this job the frosts came so the builders had to wrap the newly built pillars in hessian to keep them warm and cosy over night! Luckily this worked and the frost didn't get to them.

Al is coming at the weekend and he and Andy are going to do the fence panels. It will take about four chaps to lift the gates onto the pillars. They are huge and very heavy.

Inside things are coming along nicely. The garage and utility are completely finished and currently being painted. It makes such a difference when the plaster is covered over. We've chosen new floor tiles for the utility and have decided to bite the bullet and take up the old quarry tiles in the kitchen and replace with the new ones so that the floor is the same in both rooms as it'll look so much nicer. I quite like the quarry tiles but we couldn't find any to match so we decided to opt for larger tiles which I think are a bit easier to clean as there aren't so many joints. More disruption!

The new colour in the utility area. That damn fridge will move eventually so there'll be a nice walk through from kitchen to utility. Dennis is making us an oak doggie gate so we can restrict the dogs to the utility room if they get a bit grubby in the winter. Not Abbey of course. She always comes in the office regardless! That colour is going to come right through into the currently white (and thus 'cold') kitchen. I'm looking forward to the end result but not the process of getting there!

We're also having the kitchen re-painted whilst Andy is here (not Andy as in Hudson!) so that the colour flows straight through the two rooms. We are so boring, we've picked our favourite colour again. It's called Dorset cream and we had it in our last house and can't find anything else we like as much! I like it because it changes so much in different lights. In the bright daylight and sunshine is has a lovely yellow glow and in the evenings it's a rich dorset cream colour. Andy is also painting the new garage and will finish up by painting the floor before we put our mats down. It means we'll have a lovely clean space ready to receive the Harley Davidson back - Dan has been looking after it since we moved. I think he'll be sad to see it go as he has been out for the odd ride on it!

On Friday evening we're off to Ikea to see if we can get some more kitchen units for the utility to match the existing. Luckily they still make the style that we inherited in this kitchen which isn't too bad at all. We won't be having granite worktop in the utility though, that's what's in the kitchen and it was £400/m! Um no way, our money is running out so it'll be standard worktop in a similar colour to the granite!

Been busy with agility too. Did a training day for Polly on Sunday which was great fun. The weather was amazing, cold but sunny all day. As usual I had a great time. Am going on Saturday to Sue Dennison's to do another training day. I don't know all the people on this one but I am really looking forward to it and hope the weather stays good. Then on Sunday is Downland show, I think I will go even though I hate the venue, it's so noisy. I will be very tired as I always am after training days but I want to do the competition with Naughty Niamh and of course Perfect Pops!

Kizzy's training is coming on really well. Her weaves are almost upright and Andy is practising the two difficult entries with her (still on lead). Her contacts are looking good and they are having a great time together. I tried to do some video of their training yesterday evening but the battery ran out. I will endeavour to get some on video to post on the blog in due course!


  1. Nancy there is no way your a bad blogger! No way at all. Now me on the other hand, AWFUL blogger.
    Must update soon, problem is Dylan always trashes the place when i try and do anything!

  2. Do I detect a fellow Farrow and Ball fan? We have used their paints internally since 1995 - and have just painted the north 'front door' (we have a south one too - oddly) in Off Black in external egg shell oil (my favourite finish) and the door frame - as well as the window frames that I am renovating - in Pointing eggshell oil. It's a lovely combination. Their internal paint is brilliant - tough and easy to live with. It'll be interesting to see how tough the external ones are.... What you say is what is great about their paint - it looks different in different light. We used Octagon yellow in a huge lightfilled hallway in a 1930s house we had - it- when we sold it all the viewers just went wow! Our last house we used House white on the walls and String on all the woodwork. It sold the house.The mesmerising qualities are something to do with the pigments I think. I am going to have a newer one - Rectory Red - on one wall in the kitchen when we get to that point. Delicious.

    The gate posts look great BTW.

  3. Naughty Nancy! ROFLOL! Naughty Bad Nancy. Have you been letting your RL (Real Life) get in the way :)
    Wot's that saying pot kettle black......

  4. Your not alond you know i've just looked at everyone elses blog - we all being a bit slak atm.

  5. Helen - yep you spotted the paint! It's the best we reckon!

  6. Love the colour very pleasing to and you're no way a bad blogger your a very good blogger now repeat after me I am a very good blogger !! kx

  7. Repeat after me, I'm a very BAD blogger and Niamh is a very NAUGHTY dog - is that what you mean? Tee hee!