Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Thames - a fab weekend!

Wasn't sure about Thames as when we got up on Friday morning it was pouring with rain. However I was assured by Dan that the forecast was good from lunchtime onwards so we decided to go. I am very glad that we did as the weather did pick up and we had a brilliant weekend.

Andy did an 8.00 am treatment before we left home but we still got away in good time and had the caravan all set up and dogs walked by about 3.00 pm. Very civilised. We all had chili a la Karen for supper together with baked potatoes and some nice red fizzy wine to celebrate Dan and Tig's win into G5.

Saturday was possibly one of the busiest days I've ever had in agility terms. I was quite lucky that most of my runs were in the top area of rings but I was still exhausted by the end of the day. For the first time I had late running orders in the champ class and I find that quite stressful as it means that you have to keep an eye on the ring all the time. Now that I have Zeki running it is even harder because very often the medium classes are over before they've started (or so it can seem!)

I had run Niamh in the first leg of the champ (jumping) and got clear. Of course this meant I was keen to run clear in the agility round but I also had a class coming up for Zeki. I marked myself as late in Zeki's class even though I was drawn last in the class, I just didn't want them to close it before I ran. I had about six dogs to run in front of me in the champ class when I heard my name being called. Zeki's class was about to close and they were giving me two minutes to go and run. I have never been in such a panic as I really didn't want to miss her run as I'm so enjoying her. Thank goodness for friends! Leah ran back to get Zeki, Janet Jackson held onto Niamh and I raced up to the other ring. I literally threw poor little Beeks onto the startline and off we went. She was a star and ran clear and won the class. We exited the ring, Zeki was shoved at Karen and I tore back to the champ ring with just one dog to run in front. Luckily for me somebody (who shall remain nameless) was late and they were doing a 2 minute countdown for that person to arrive (see I am so kind I'm not even letting on their gender.) That gave me the chance to get my breath back before I ran Niamh. Not to be outdone by Zeki she also ran clear. At that point I fell in a heap but not for long as I had another class to run with Zeki!

That was kind of how the day continued and I was very proud of my two girls both of whom ran clear in all their classes. Over the weekend Zeki collected three first places and two seconds. Niamh got into the champ final and this time I didn't mess her up in the final, we just weren't quick enough on the day but we did put in a good round so I was more than happy. Greg won the ticket with Detox with a round that I can only dream of doing. It was an amazing run.

We watched the football on Saturday evening with Dan and Mac and it was very disappointing but hopefully the team will pick up this Friday. They had better otherwise I shall tear my flag down (only joking!) After the football we went across to the live band and had a great time going mad on the dance floor. Unfortunately I had to go before it finished as my ears hurt so much from the loud music. I don't think it's any coincidence that my dizziness came back on Monday. I've still got it now and they say it's connected with my inner ear. I guess the loud music probably set something off.

Niamh ended up on Sunday with a completely clean slate but unfortunately in our last run I managed to get poor Zeki eliminated and it was in her qualifier. Oh well I certainly cannot complain. Niamh did a lovely run in her KC qualifier but due to a slight misunderstanding about releasing the A-Frame we weren't quite as quick as we might have been. We still got 7th place which was good but I would have preferred a slightly higher place. Oh well, onwards and sideways on that front!

Kizzy also had a good weekend running clear in all her classes except one. She had a clean slate in the champ class and got into her first final at only her second champ attempt. She and Andy have a way to go before they regain their previous form but this was a good start.

Here is a video of Niamh's KC run, courtesy of Mrs Bay and also a photo of Zeki with her haul from the weekend.


  1. ...What a poser! Well done to you both and NN

  2. WOW Nancy..That was a fantastic weekend. Good little Zeki, you must be so proud of her :-)