Thursday, 10 June 2010

Catching up ........ Pt III (Studio)

It's been a while since I put anything on about the studio build but that's mainly because I haven't time to blog because we've been so busy doing stuff like ..... the studio build. It's very irritating when life gets so busy that you simply don't have time to blog!

Anyway work is almost finished. We have a few bits still to do like tiling out the shower, laying a floor in the toilet/shower area, finishing off the rainwater pipes and building steps outside the two doors but I think all that will be completed quite soon.

Michael did a lot of stuff for us and we are really grateful as his workmanship is superb. He had a hard act to follow in Al but between them they have been brilliant. Andy has also done quite a few bits himself including putting up the oak above the shelf which I think looks really nice and laying the laminate flooring in the main area. Anyway, here are some pictures of the almost completed project:

The back door leading off my dog washing/log store area

The kitchen before the fridge

The kitchen with its new (black) fridge!

The wall prior to oak panelling (darn doglets get everywhere!)

and with the oak panelling (much nicer I think!)

The treatment table in place

The lounge area

Shower waiting to be tiled and for shower door to be fitted ... oh and for the shower to be fitted!

Dinky little toilet and basin!

The day we kitted it out it was so funny to see the dogs. Each one of them came in to investigate the new space. Niamh came in and got straight on the new sofa and curled up. How naughty is that!

Andy has started to use the studio for treatments and so far everyone loves it and finds it a nice relaxing space to be in.

Today the Blind Man (bad English I know but it makes us laugh) is coming to fit the blinds to the french doors and the two windows so that will be the main area complete apart from the step outside the french doors.

He is also fitting blinds to my bedroom and en-suite windows in the house. Hurrah almost three years and I'm finally getting blinds in those two rooms. I hope he can see what he's doing ;o)

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  1. Oh my goodness it is beautiful!! I cannot believe the transformation! :) Definetely worth all the hard work! :)