Thursday, 24 June 2010

Off to Lune and Barrow and Agility for Britain

We'll soon be off to Lune and Barrow. So much to get ready and so little time! We really loved these two shows last year even though it was megga hot! I'm doing some training for Barrow during the week (along with several others), I like doing this as all the money goes to their various charities. Hopefully we'll get to visit the Lakes whilst we're there, last year it was the only cool place we could find for the dogs during our days off agility.

This year I am driving down to the Midlands on the Sunday of Lune Valley as I've decided to try out for the worlds with Naughty Niamh. We will give it our best shot and it will certainly help to give us some focus. Maybe next year I'll do it with Zeki too!

We are lucky to have people looking after the house whilst we're away, that always means peace of mind and that the flowers will get watered!


  1. Have a great time and good luck. Remind me next year of these's two show and maybe I can get Ian out of "Cornwall" for a few weeks!

  2. Good Luck Nancy. Have a lovely time.
    maybe I'll consider those shows next year instead of all the weekend shows I have done in June !

  3. Oh I do wish I was coming with you! :( For the shows and for the training!! :( Maybe next year.......

    Have a fabulous time! I have absolutely no doubt that you will. And good luck! :) x