Thursday, 10 June 2010

Catching up ........ Pt II (Garden)

So after Boot Camp a very busy week with another push on the studio to get it finished; some time in the jungle which had been our garden; studying for Andy; working to keep the architectural stuff up to date and just generally trying to keep up with normal things. We had entered BATS show but I was so tired and desperately needed some time at home. We had a good weekend and got lots done so it really was worth pulling out. It was due to be Zeki's first G5 show but I wasn't too worried as all her classes were combined with the higher grades so realistically not much chance of us progressing up.

We had a really good tidy in the garden; set a new agility course for the first time in ages as all my kit had been put away due to the wet spring; planted up the pots on the decking and also went to IKEA to get some bits and pieces for the studio.

New planting outside the studio. This part of the border had been flattened by building rubble; it's nice that it's all gone away in the skip!

We (well Andy actually) cleared out the summer house as that had become a dumping ground whilst the studio was being built. It had the sofa bed, some arm chairs and all sorts of other stuff inside. I couldn't possibly clean it out myself as there were too many spiders' webs which meant that spiders were lurking within! Now it is really tidy and once again usable. Andy put up a new worktop so I have somewhere for the kettle and refreshments rather than a wobbly old table. Very nice!

Our new fencing took another step forward when we got some hired help to finish the run up one side. It looks much neater now. However we ran out of money before we could get the other side done and only managed to partly remove the rubble pile that has been in the garden since the people before last! So that has to sit on the back burner for a bit longer. The space cleared out looks perfect for chickens but I don't think I'll go down that route as it's just something more to look after. I got quite tempted with Bernadette enthusing about getting her chickens but then up at the yard Sarah's chickens got mites and that was horrible and put me off even more. I was quite keen much to Andy and Michael's dismay but I think they are safe for a while!

Some of the new fence panels finally in place

More fencing to be done; have to wait until the autumn now :o(

Perfect spot for a chicken run and more fencing to be completed

We still have masses to do in the garden. As soon as we tidy one area we look around and something else is out of control. Right now the hedges need cutting; the edges need strimming; the border needs weeding; the yard needs clearing up from various oak tree debris and so it goes on. But I love my garden and don't care that it isn't pristine. Once the grass has been cut it looks tidy and always makes us feel better about it! I had a horrible shock one morning when I looked out at the bird feeder to see a huge grey rat hanging off it. It came back twice after we'd scared it off and the last time Andy threw something at it and so far it hasn't been back. That said I have heard the neighbour's shot gun a few times so maybe he came to a sticky end!

You can see the muck that comes off the oak trees on the top of our shed and next door's stable block. It gets everywhere and is a pain. Shouldn't really moan though as it's much easier to sweep up than leaves!

The last thing in the garden that is really proving a nightmare this year is our pond. Since we had it cleaned out last year it has lost its natural balance and we are getting plagued by blanket weed. It is difficult if not impossible to get rid of and I get upset when the fish get tangled in it. We keep removing it and have had the pond company out to look at it. They have given us a natural compound to put in the pond which is supposed to kill the weed but doesn't hurt the fish. Sadly it doesn't seem to be working very well so we will have to contact them again. Any pond experts out there, your ideas would be welcome!

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