Thursday, 10 June 2010

Catching up ........ Pt IV (Massage)

As well as dog shows, work, garden, studio build Andy is also studying massage. Along with this comes Anatomy & Physiology (A&P) studies which he has found quite hard. Last night was his exam in A&P and we just heard that he passed with a score of 97%. To say he is delighted is an understatement. His coursework still has to be assessed but hopefully that will all be ok.

Tonight he has the written exam for swedish massage and then over the next two weeks will be the practical exams. In these exams he has to gain 100% to pass. In the hope that he does he will then be moving onto sports massage which will take another year. He has already done a lot of this in years gone by under the wing of a gymnasium trainer but he didn't go on to take the qualifications. Hopefully he will achieve them so that he can start to split his time between architectural work and sports massage.

Hurrah, I am so pleased for him as he has been working really hard for this.