Monday, 3 September 2007

This and that ....

We had a nice leisurely Saturday with no dog show to attend! We caught up with some chores which included Andy cleaning his Shogun inside and out. It hadn't been touched since before we moved house so was pretty bad. Now it looks beautiful so I see no reason (Bernadette & Lisa) why he should need a new vehicle (purple or otherwise!) We did a little bit of dog training with Naughty Niamh and Kizzy and then took them all for a lovely walk across the fields.

We had Tina and Ellie to stay for the weekend as Dan & Mac were off gallivanting at Letchworth. I think it was a worthwhile trip for Dan as he came home with a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th! Mac did well with Jess getting 17th in a G5/6 agility class.

On Sunday we went to Trent Park. It was lovely day out but agility wise it wasn't great. Murphy was awful, truly wild and wicked. Niamh was brilliant but I made two errors, one in each of her classes. She was working really well so I was very angry with myself and the frustration lasted all day. In the jumping class I pulled her off a jump and in the agility I made a very abrupt cross behind the weaves and caused her to double up. Bad and useless handler! I also handled Poppy badly. She is working like a little train at the moment but I made errors in both her rounds and wasted them. I am handing Poppy over to Andy for Chippenham and Gillingham so that she gets some proper attention, my mind is so focused on the Naughty Niamh that it's hopeless for me to contemplate running Poppy in a champ class. I love running Poppy and hate handing her over but she's just too good to be wasted especially in the twilight of her agility career. It's Niamh's last weekend in Grade 5 classes so I'd like to get round the courses with some degree of success - if possible!

When we got home from Trent Park we went to visit Mum. She's doing OK and my sister is trying to get her assessed for a wheel chair so that we can take her outside. The problem is that her legs are so badly bent due to the neuro-spacticity that it makes it very difficult to put her in any kind of chair: for safety as well as comfort reasons. We took Abbey with us as she's a wonderful dog for just lying quietly and been petted. Here are some pictures of Abbey with Mum and Dan from Friday's visit to Mum. You can see from these photos how her poor legs are bent. That's the position they're in all the time and they can't be straightened even with physio and calipers. They had one of her legs in a cast for weeks but it didn't help. It's such a shame.

Mum with Abbey and Dan

As mentioned we're off to Chippenham and Gillingham for the weekend. We're actually going down on Thursday and coming back Monday so making a nice long weekend. We have replaced our Fiamma with a bigger version so looking forward to trying that out!


  1. this is a lovely picture of Dan and your mum with abbey, and dont you think a purple car would suit andy !! a little sporty number to show off Kizzy in lol lol lol kxx

  2. A purple van is just what is needed! Easy to spot in the parking areas!

  3. How lovely you can take Abbey in to see your Mum. It must have been nice to see a smile on her face.

    Purple libido! yeap gotta be a purple libido :)