Monday, 3 September 2007

Kizzy's Training

Kizzy's training is really coming along well. Andy has had lots of homework since the lesson with Berndatte a couple of weeks back.

Her weave training is progressing well and she seems to really enjoy the process. She is also starting seesaw training and is doing well with her dog walk target. She is now at the top of the down plank and pulling down the whole plank to her target. The next stage is for her to do that with a looser lead to see if she really understands the process, i.e. speed but stop at her target! I don't think it will be much longer before Andy tests that out. Andy still does lots of groundwork with the target as well as on the bottom of the dog walk. She's building up her duration on the target really well and loves this 'game'!

We have also done quite a bit of work getting her to jump up into our arms. That's really progressing well although she point blank refused to demonstrate this to Grandma and Lisa at Trent Park on Sunday (bad sheltie). I bought her some Burns fish treats which sit on the breakfast bar and now she is really keen to jump up! The other morning she arrived on Andy's lap when he was sitting on the high breakfast bar stool and almost landed in his cornflakes.

Every morning whoever gets up first and goes to the kitchen and opens the baby gate, Kizzy tears into the bedroom and leaps onto the bed for a cuddle with whoever is still there (ok, ok, normally it's me, I admit it!) This has developed into a real routine and it's lovely as she's such a cuddly little thing in the mornings.

I hope to do a little training video of Kizzy but it's quite difficult at the moment as some of the processes require me to hold her lead or place her treats out etc. Once Andy is more self-sufficient (is there such a thing with a man!!!) then I'll be able to take some video!

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  1. Forget morning cuddles; sheltie should be sleeping in the bed all night!