Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Kizzy Jump & Playtime

Andy has been teaching Kizzy to jump into his arms. It's going quite well, the first part of this little video shows her jumping and then moves onto a puppy play time with a new little friend.

Leah & Jay have a puppy from Leah's mum to hand rear. We think he's about four weeks old. He just arrived today from Wales. He's a really happy and bold little chap. They called in for lunch and he had a nice time in the garden and a game with the Kizzle. Kizzy is such a nice natured dog although she can get a little over the top and managed to roll the puppy over a couple of times!


  1. very impressive re the jumping into Andys arms and how cute is that little pup!! and its ok liah I like your socks :0))))))xx

  2. That's brilliant! It's such a cute trick to teach.