Thursday, 13 September 2007

Kizzy's Training

Kizzy is really enjoying her training and we think she's progressing well. She had a great night at our training club on Tuesday doing some set ups, jumping exercises and lots of seesaws balanced on two tables with lots of cream cheese to eat on the end! She was full of herself and really showing off on the seesaw, at times I barely managed to squirt the next blob of cheese on before she'd wizzed back round!

Today we had a training session at home in the lunch break. We did quite a bit of stuff and got some of it on video.


  1. She looks good! I cannot believe that Andy is running in his crocks!

  2. Wow brilliant Andy and Kizzy just be carefull in those crocks !!

  3. Wot a team!
    Yea! you gonna have to get your running shoes on propper soon Andy. Wonder if you can get purple ones? You know to go with you r purple libido :)

  4. Wow! Very impress with little Kizzle, she did really well!! Maybe Andy should come and train mine!!