Tuesday, 28 August 2007


We got home from the show around 4.00 pm. I was getting quite anxious about our other dogs as we don't leave them very often. They were absolutely fine and came to greet us with yawns and stretches so I guess they'd been fast asleep most of the time.

Andy had a cup of tea and some cake, I opted for a Pimms! Then we decided to do some gardening. Andy mowed both the back lawn and the agility paddock. We then got a bit carried away and did some more trimming of overhanging trees which get in the way of my agility! You can see from the size of the bonfire we created that our little bit of gardening grew into a bit more than cutting the grass. I moved all the equipment while Andy cut the back lawn so he could get the tractor out and cut the agility area. It's hard work moving all the gear. Once we'd finished we set up a new pattern for the equipment ready for this week's training.

The dogs were outside with us from 5.00 pm until 8.00 pm and had a lovely time playing. Kizzy had fallen in a heap when we got home but as soon as we opened the gate to the garden she transformed into a whirling mass of black fur. It's amazing how they find more energy when there's play involved!

Here are some pictures, they're not very good as it was getting quite dark.

The bonfire we built last night (not to include the Naughty Niamh!)

Part of the huge compost pile we want to get rid of to make more space for my agility area!

The view from the end of our garden

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