Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Edenbridge & Oxted Agricultural Show

We decided to take a trip to the show on Bank Holiday Monday having decided to have a day off from agility. I haven't been to the show for years and it has moved from its old site in Edenbridge to one in Blindley Heath which is about five miles away.

We had a bit of lie in and then left for the show around 10.30 am. We took Kizzy with us and left the others at home as it was forecast to be a hot day and six dogs would be too much to cope with. That said we met Leah and Jay during the day and they had all their dogs with them. Too much like hard work, also prevents any 'serious' shopping!

We met Mac at the entrance and then went to find Dad and his tractors. We had a quick chat with Dad and stopped long enough for Kizzy to have a cuddle with Grandad before we got down to the serious business of shopping!

Kizzy with her Grandad

We had a great time and spent some money which we couldn't really afford. I bought some new Joules long sleeve tops and a lovely pink body warmer oh and a new bag. Um, I also bought a new dog bed for Abbey but I'm kind of hoping that this sentence will be overlooked by our blogger friends who all know of my 'problem' with dog beds! Andy bought a new tee shirt and a new magnetic bracelet for his aches and pains. We bought three little cotton floor mats; one for each bathroom and one for the caravan, they were only £3 each and they look really good! Here is a picture of Kizzy modelling Abbey's new bed with some shopping bags!

Don't get too comfy, it's for Abbey!

We tried a couple of harnesses on Kizzy but Andy didn't like them so wouldn't let me buy one. We found a lovely purple leather bling slip collar but it was a bit too big for Kizzle.

We found some gorgeous garden furniture and got very tempted but decided to wait until after our building work is completed. It's made by a family firm and is really rustic and well made. I think we'll get a table and chairs and a swing seat next year some time. It is lovely stuff.

It was sad that there could be no sheep or cattle at the show. We walked past the empty stalls and pens and it was quite upsetting to see it all empty. There were lots of horses around for the showing and jumping competitions. The show was massive much bigger than when it was held in Edenbridge itself. I think it could be a very could option for Dave Ray and his semi-finals! I might just mention it to him.

A local agility handler who is on the show committee put on dog agility displays so we saw one or two people we know - you just can't escape!

Kizzy had a great time and was totally unfazed by it all. She ate her way round the show ground and met loads of different dogs. Here is a little picture of her trying out a bed with a little friend she met on the day. We were negotiating on the new bed for Abbey and Kizzy just decided to try out one of the beds because she was so tired!

Kizzy and her new friend!

We had a look at the old and unusual cars on exhibit. Andy would like to have spent more time but we couldn't lose too much shopping time so I hurried him along. We stopped long enough to take a photo of this Thunder Bird which we thought rather appropriate being as we have an 'American' sheltie!

Once we'd finished shopping and had some lunch from the jacket potato stand we went back to the vintage tractors to find Dad and Jan for a cup of tea. Dad had four of his tractors at the show and Kizzy had a sit on three of them.

An old fashioned hay baler and a very well turned out tractor next to Dad's. I rather liked this one.

We went to the marquee with Dad and Jan for some tea and when we sat down to drink it, Kizzy was so tired she got into Abbey's new bed and fell asleep!

It's all too much for a tired little sheltie!


  1. looks like you had a really fun day like the idea of the joules tops and warmer but I wont comment on the bed as I know you cant help it !! lol lol

  2. Did I ever tell you that all my shelties destroy wicker???? :-)

  3. Sounds like you had gr8 fun! Yea i wonder how long that basket's gonna last tee hee! Blame the breeder - i would !