Sunday, 17 June 2007

Yippee we've finally won a class!

We had a mixed weekend at Axstane with Saturday being very unproductive in terms of clear rounds but with lots of positive stuff happening.

On Sunday we had a much better day and got 4th place in the helpers jumping, 20th in the G4/5 agility. I messed up the collapsible tunnel and pull through sequence but didn't mind as the last thing I wanted was to win an agility class this weekend (it would put me out of G5 for DIN and the KC Festival - no thanks!)we trained the seesaw for good measure so I didn't really expect a place at all.

We had decided to pack up and go home to do some more stuff towards the house move and I had all but decided not to wait for my G5 jumping course. However, it was set up just as we were hitching up the caravan so I went and walked it and then asked if I could possibly run early so I could go home. The ring manager was very obliging and I ran in the first ten dogs. I didn't think we'd do that well as it was a fast course but Niamh ran it brilliantly and I knew we couldn't have done it better but still didn't expect much. We left the show and came home. Then Lorna put a message on the forum to say that we had won the class! I was soooooooo pleased but really sad that I'd missed Niamh's prize giving for her first win! Boo hoo. To add to that, we didn't even get the round on film as I just ran up to the rings with Niamh by myself whilst Andy finished packing up. Hey ho, sometimes that's the best way!

Here's a little film of her other two classes today. I think she is really starting to pick up and I'm really proud of my little Naughty Niamh!


  1. Big CONGRATULATIONS to your G5 Jumping! The naughty girl has become a good girl! You must be very proud of her!

    I think we have a similar taste on choosing some music. I was about to put a training video on my blog and I also chose "Is this way to Amariloo", ha! I will hold back now!

  2. Well Done Nancy and not-so-naughty Niamh on your win - she is running lovely :)

    Lorna x

  3. Well Done, It's been coming for a while now, Grade 6 is beckoning.

  4. Huge congraz, to the now very GOOD Niamh you will have to think of another nick name for her now :0) xx