Sunday, 17 June 2007

Kizzy's weekend at Axstane

Kizzle had a lovely weekend with stacks of time round the rings. Andy did some training at ringside and we also gave her to some strangers to play tuggy with. Typical Kizzy didn't even notice we'd left her and just kept tugging!

On Saturday Andy ran Al's dog, Meg, as Al had to work all day. We took Meg up to do one of her rounds and had to borrow Kizzy's toy as Al had taken Meg's in the van to work (tut tut). Andy was playing with Meg; Tracey and I followed behind with Kizzy who yapped and played up the whole time because Meg had her 'special toy'. A special toy to Kizzy is anything that anyone else has!

We had a visit from Bernadette and Lisa who took time out from collecting trophies and rosettes to have a cup of tea and cuddle with the dogs. They were only there on the Saturday and had a successful show. Up the shelties.

Kiz is very tired this evening. She absolutely loves going to dog shows and comes home exhausted but very happy. She is just the cutest sheltie in the world!

This was our last show for three weeks. We haven't booked anything for the next two weekends as we now have just over two weeks until our move. All systems go on the packing front (deep joy!)

Here are a couple of little piccies of Kizzy from this weekend. I hope to get some video of her training later this week which I'll post at some point!

Kizzy watching the world go by from her little garden (with Murphy the baddest dog in the world)

Kizzy and Becky

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  1. It looks like Kizzy wants to clean Becky's teeth!

    PS We want to see training videos!