Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Wicked Poppy at Thames

Here are Poppy's two champ rounds from the Sunday at Thames.

In the jumping round most of the bad stuff is my fault, e.g. I should have trusted her to pick up the weaves but not so sure I have to take all the blame for the wide turn after the long jump - that's typical Pops; wanna do the tunnel; wanna do the weaves - oh alright I'll do the flippin' jump if you really want me to!

In the agility round I still can't fathom why she turned away from me at jump 2 when she did that exact combination so nicely in the jumping round! Probably I was too complacent having done it once? As always though she picked up a brilliant flat weave entry!

Poppy is still full on and taking her own line at 10 years of age. That's my girl!

I'll know it's time to retire her when the day comes that we agree completely over how to negotiate a course!!

1 comment:

  1. Poppy definitely does not look like she is 10. I am sure you will do better next time. Well done!