Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Kizzy Training - last post before we move house!

We've been pretty busy since Axstane. Loads of packing to be done as well as trying to get Andy's work as up to date as possible before the office closes this coming Friday. We have one week today and looking around there's still a lot to do!

Last Friday and Saturday we transported 900 roof tiles from this property to the new one. By coincidence the same tiles are on both properties and as we're going to build an extension as soon as we move in, it seemed like a good idea. The tiles were left over from work we've done on the current house. We used the little trailer and it took three trips to move them all. Andy could hardly walk on the Sunday! We're lucky that the current owners of our new property are very obliging and let us store the tiles there.

This weekend Andy and Al are going over to the new house to remove a tree and put up our picket fencing. The people buying our house don't want the picket fence we have so we're going to reuse it at the new place. We like to have this to restrict the dogs to the patio so we can keep them clean in winter and so that they don't piddle on the lawn!

Can you believe our burglar alarm has thrown a fault. We've had it for about 5 years without any problems and then it went off at 4.00 am one morning last week and frightened the life out of us. We turned it off but there's a flashing light saying there's a fault so we think a mouse might have had a nibble on one of the wires. Al is going to check it out this weekend - not really sure what we'd do without him! He's my hero.

The builders have confirmed that they'll be on site first thing Monday morning 9th July, just five days after we move in. The work was going to be outside the house but we've had a re-think on the layout and now it means breaking through the kitchen wall so that's something to really look forward to! It'll be worth it as it will give us a better garage and a utility room straight off the kitchen rather than going outside to it.

We have cried off dog shows at the moment and it's good to have the time as there is so much to do. We are booked in for CATS and St. Edwards and will day trip to those. Andy is judging at St. Edwards to we have to be there on the Sunday for sure. The show is quite big and Andy has 449 dogs to judge, just one under the maximum! The following weekend we would normally be off to Rugby but we decided that it'll be too stressful so have not booked it this year. Quite sad as it's one of our favourites but we'll be back next year hopefully.

Last week we took Andy's Becky into visit Mum in hospital. The hospital isn't particuarly keen on PAT dog visits but the sister on Mum's ward is wonderful and lets us visit any time we like and has said we can take Becky in whenever we want to. Becky is a registered PAT dog so she is 'official'. Mum was so pleased to see her. We sat Becky up on a high chair so she was level with Mum's bed and helped Mum to reach across and touch her. Mum adores her dogs and hadn't seen one since the beginning of February when she became ill. It was a very emotional moment and made me cry (I think it brought a lump to Andy's throat as well.) We hope to get a picture at the next visit, we forgot to take the camera last week.

On Monday we went out to a pub local to our new house with Dan and Mac as it was my birthday. We had a really nice meal and think we'll be going back there quite a bit! It's a nice pub called the Kentish Horse in the next village. It was also the Naughty Niamh's birthday on Monday. She was 3 years old which I can't believe, the time has flown since I travelled up to Lancashire to collect her.

Last night was our last night's training prior to the move. We decided to cancel training next week as it's the night before we move and I don't think there will be time! Anyway, we got Dan and Jay to take some video of Kizzy training as promised in a recent post. Andy and Kizzy are really enjoying their training together. Here is the evidence. Enjoy.

Will post an update on our move once we're back online in the new house. We'll be going completely offline this coming weekend.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday to Nancy!

    I bet you can't wait to move into your dream house!

    Kizzy looks very good in the training video!

  2. Good luck with the move, and the video is brilliant Kizzy is looking brilliant (Andy not looking too bad either :0))) kx

  3. Commenting from a carvan site in Uttoxeter! We have found internet signal at a caravan site!! Kizzy looks good! But MORE PLAYING with her after every exercise please! hahaha Can't help myself!

  4. Alright Grandma, point taken. Some of the play was 'edited' out (that's a lie, ha ha) they were clicking on Tuesday night rather than playing ;)

  5. Belated Ha -P B'day Nancy!
    How lovely you could take Becky in to see your Mum - that's special that is.
    Will Kizzy have an Obay sheltie set up? She is certainly putting Dad through his paces eh? Did we see him puff puffing after some of those runs :)hee hee!

  6. GOOD LUCK wiht the move hope it all goes smoothly form you