Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Thames & stuff

We had a lovely weekend at Thames. The weather was great, bit hot at times!

The show was enormous and set out in two sections. We had runs in both areas so there was rather a lot of walking involved!

We had a great evening on Saturday and Mandy and Arthur brought Kodie along and he and Kizzy played while we chatted. They were so funny, doing laps of the caravans and generally having a great time. They were both shattered on Sunday which is hardly surprising! We sat out star gazing until about 11.00 pm listening to the band playing (we were camped very close to the marquee). They were very good and the volume was just right from our position. Steve spent most of the evening snoozing with Hob-b on his lap (see Obay Blog for evidence).

The championship class was great to watch. Poppy got two clears but unfortunately they were too untidy to get us through to the final. Lisa and Chi did brilliantly getting to their first final and winning the reserve ticket in the process! Go the shelties.

Bernadette lent Zen to Andy for her medium jumping 6-7 class. Zen was drawn at the end of the class and Andy ran pretty much at the end and won the class. He really enjoyed running her, Kizzy has much to live up to! Here is the evidence.

The Naughty Niamh was a very good girl this weekend and got a 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 14th place. Sadly the tape ran out for her 3rd placed run which was a shame but here is a video of the other three runs. We tried our best in the Novice Olympia qualifier, with one person above already qualified we were just one place out of qualifying. Sob. Two more chances and that's it!

We have started our packing this week. It's such a chore and we've got so much stuff. Three weeks today and we'll be on the move. I can't believe how quickly it's come round. It's exciting and scary! We're trying to pick something each day to pack so it's not too much of a job in one hit. So far we've taken down all the pictures and packed all the glass ware. Most of the cabinets are down from the wall. We have Axstane coming up this weekend and then two free weekends which I think we're gonna need!

Now we have poor Ed (my step-father) back in hospitial. He's very poorly and is today being transferred up to Guys so that he can be looked after for his breathing problems and get his dialysis at the same site. At the moment he's in Kent & Sussex hospital and has to be taken to Pembury three times a week for the dialysis. It's so sad that he and Mum are so ill. Dan and Mac have both the dogs at the moment but once we've moved then Tina will come back to us. I think Dan and Mac will probably keep Ellie which is lovely as I hate to think of her going to another home. Sam is continuing to recover well but it'll take a long time for him to be fully fit again.

Kizzy had a brilliant training session last night. We break the class into three sections and each puppy plays with one area and then we move round. It's good fun and also gets them used to focusing on their work whilst there's other activity going on. All three pups (Kizzy, Daisy & Rikki) were brilliant last night. They're all dragging their handlers to our small table and going straight into their down position. I really enjoyed the class last night, almost as much as they did!


  1. I think Andy is a ham for the camera. I am glad he is actually smiling in this photo but I also can see the purple shoes!

    Great runs with Niahm!

    PS I still have your clicker!

  2. Well done Nancy & Niamh! Well done Andy & Zen!

  3. Well Done on all those places - Niamh is running lovely :)

    Lorna x

  4. well done nancy on all your fantastic places especially in grade 5 jumping :0)))) and well done Andy with Zen you know a sheltie really suits you ! karen xx

  5. The Grade 5 jumping was an especially nice course! Love Naughty Niamh xxxx

  6. Reply to obay shelties from Naughty Niamh

    My special lucky green and yellow clicker with my own special name tag - I'll lick you to death if I don't get it back!