Sunday, 19 June 2011

What's occurrin'?

What's occurrin' ...... we're off to Crufts, that's what's occurrin'. Lush, tidy, fair play to us.

Zeki with her first Championship Certificate, a ticket to Crufts 2012!

We just got home from Axstane and I am still on Cloud 9. I really can't believe that Zeki has won a championship class. I can't begin to say how proud and elated I'm feeling.

We didn't go to the show yesterday as I wanted to help Jan (my step-mother) to go and pick up my Dad from Brighton hospital after having a super duper state of the art defibrillator pacemaker fitted. I am pleased to report that the operation went well and hopefully he will start to feel the benefit of this amazing piece of kit.

The weather forecast wasn't great so I wasn't too sorry not to be camping; after a wet time at Thames last week it was a bit of a relief to be honest. It's not much fun for the dogs especially a little puppy in the wet.

Instead we did some gardening and then I went off to Brighton with Jan and Andy cut all the front hedges, pruned the rose arch and a few other garden jobs between very heavy showers. Good job, now just all the back hedges to do. Hopefully next weekend!

We decided to go to Axstane today and I made up my mind to work really hard to get into the final. Helen Saunders was the judge so I knew we would be tested which is great! We started off well with a clear jumping run which placed us 2nd behind Amy and Taz. Then in our agility after a promising start for some reason Zeki clipped the long jump but I just kept going and stayed focused on finishing the round with no further error. Yippee we were in the final and running second to last.

I was quite nervous about the final but in my heart I knew if Demon, the kelpie, ran clear we couldn't beat him as he so very quick. Demon and Helen ran and right at the end they had a refusal at a jump. Now I knew I was in with a chance. Amy and I looked at each other and said nothing but we both knew we had a really good chance. I have to admit at this point my nerves almost overcame me and I had to dig really deep to keep positive and channel those nerves into aggression. I thought my legs were going to fail me but once I released Zeki onto the course I forgot about the nerves and just gave it my best shot, as did my little dog. She is such a star and I am so lucky to have her. We kept our focus and determination and finished clear. Amy ran last with Taz and unfortunately had a refusal (bad luck Amy) which meant that Zeki and I had won. I just sat in a heap on the floor and blubbed. I am so hopeless!

I was a bit disappointed last week that we didn't do well in the Crufts singles and only have a couple more chances of getting points. Now we are going to Crufts in style. I am soooooo happy!

Thank you Zeki and all my lovely friends who kicked my behind and made me believe I could do it! Thank you Helen for setting great, challenging courses.

Well done also to Bernadette and Zaz on gaining their second CC at the same show. An OBay sweep! Made the occasion even more special.


  1. one word Tidy !!!! Well done 1st of many me thinks xxxxx

  2. Fab and Fabulous Result. Congratulations on yours and Zeki's CC and what an Obay sweep!!!!

  3. Well done to you and Zeki - it was lovely watching your runs. Great teamwork!!
    Oh and it was lovely meeting Tidey - she is lush! :)

  4. wow!! huge huge congrats =) You must be so proud x