Wednesday, 8 June 2011


I was determined to have a positive training session with my girls, especially Niamh, after the weekend. We set up a course we have used before (think it was a course from last year's U.S. try outs for the World Championships.) Rather than run the course exactly as we had before we chose to mirror-image it which would provide different challenges.

It is an excellent course and once again one which is trappy and quite difficult but flows beautifully for the dogs if the handler gets it right. Most of us put in a 'funny' turn between #13 and #14 which is certainly something we wouldn't have done when we first used this course last year. For the black numbered course we also found that a blind cross worked well between jump #15 and the dogwalk in order to get the handler to the other side ready for the 'go round' at #17.

I can absolutely understand the issues that some people have with blind crosses, less so the ketschker (sp!) turn as this really is something that when done properly is communicated to the dog. That said I am working hard to cue my blind turns with a should drop and a verbal cue to come into 'side' or 'close'. If I don't drop my shoulder or give the verbal cue then I expect the dog to stay on the original side. Needless to say that doesn't always happen but it's work in progress.

This course is a real challenge and a great training course. It was good practise for our build up to the EO at the end of July. Both my girls ran it really well and I was thrilled with both of them.

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