Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Tidey at nine weeks

Tidey continues to be a joy. She is a delightful little person. I am really enjoying her and don't want her to grow up for a long time.

We are into a good routine now which starts off with her waking up around 7.00 am each morning when we go outside for her morning toilet. Then she goes into Andy on her fleece lead with a bunch of toys and has a good romp on the bed. Meantime I let the other dogs out and then bring Tidey back into the utility room where they all have their breakfast. She goes back outside and then we go back to bed for ten minutes with a cup of tea for Andy and more play time on the bed.

Lots more little visits outside to make sure she understands her house training and then we have our first training session of the day. Just ten minutes or so in the garage working on sits, downs, lefts, rights, get in the box, elephant trick, reverse, sitting on a wobble cushion and now going round a cone. Things are progressing nicely and I really enjoy training her. Some of the behaviours are quite well formed now and I'm starting to reward those with a game of tuggy.

Then it's human breakfast time and Tidey has a short play session in the kitchen with various toys and the shelties. Back to bed for about 2.5 hours when I race around trying to get office work and house work done and big dogs walked. At lunch time we go for a walk in the garden, then another training session followed by lunch and a play session. Then back to sleep for the afternoon.

Same sort of thing at tea time but if we're in for the evening then she comes into the sitting room in her play pen where she either plays with her toys or chews or sleeps. This is our time and she is learning to be with us but to be settled. She cries if she wants to go out which is brilliant.

Then we have our last training session followed by a puppy play time before bed. Then it all starts over!

She is due for her second jab next Monday and then will be able to go out and about a week after. She is getting plenty of socialising at dog shows in the interim but once her jabs are finished I plan to take her to the local school, the high street and to the recreation ground.

Here are some pictures of her at nine weeks of age. She is so cute.

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  1. Oh! She's so lovely! We sometimes wish our puppy would not grow up! :)