Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Tidey has come back from her first weekend away in the caravan with new-found confidence. She didn't really lack confidence in the first place but we can see a huge difference in her since we returned home. I think the experience of going out and about is so good for puppies in so many ways.

She was eight weeks old yesterday and had her second trip to the vets for her first jab. Andy took her for me and said that she didn't flinch, mainly because she was too busy eating biscuits that the vet had given her.

She has put on a whole pound in her first week with us, I am not surprised as she has a very very healthy appetite. Her food disappears almost as quickly as the shelties and that is saying something in our household!

I have started working with the clicker more this week, I did little bits last week but mainly it was all about settling in and finding her feet. Now I am starting to shape one or two behaviours and so far things look really promising. She is very keen to learn and luckily for me she loves to play with any kind of toy.

She really is a sweetie and I totally adore her. Both Zeki and Niamh are showing some signs of jealousy but not in a horrible way. I am taking the time to make sure they aren't left out and doing play/training sessions with them once Tidey goes back to sleep. I am also making sure to give extra time to Poppy as she still wants to be kept in the loop when she isn't asleep (luckily for me, that's quite a lot of the time these days. Bless her little heart.)

I have decided to drop the hyphen from Tidey's name but keep the spelling so that it links to the Tide (as in the ocean, moon tide etc.) My dear friends made this decision for me at the weekend when they kept referring to her as Tide Y, i.e. saying the word Tide and 'Y' separately. Grrrgghhhhh!

I hope to get some pictures of her in the garden later. In once sense I can't believe she's been here for a week already and in another it seems as if she's always been here as she has settled in so easily and happily.

I love puppies!

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