Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Zeki's running A-Frame

We are continuing with the running A-Frame and I think it's going ok. I have watched a lot of running A-Frames on Youtube so I guess this places me firmly in the "sad person" category but there you go! As far as I can see Zeki's hit pattern is matching that of what I'm watching whether it be large or smaller dogs. Where I need to apply a fix is in how deep she makes her first hit.

I did some in the garden yesterday but made the mistake of doing the A-Frame last when Zeki was quite tired - we'd done some jump tunnel combinations and some weave practise first off. What this means is that she doesn't hit the A-Frame with as much speed as I'd like and so doesn't jump the apex very much; this in turn results in her not landing so deep into the down side of the A-Frame. She is meeting criteria in each case by hitting the contact with all four feet but in most of these she is much higher than I would like. The very last attempt where I put in a front cross after the A-Frame is the best attempt IMO. I am thinking seriously of putting in a stride regulator to bring her deeper into the contact but my concern with this is how I fade it successfully.

All good fun!


  1. God that's really spooky I was talking to Leah about using a regulator with Tom last night as he's coming off a bit higher than I would like too, I will be watching your blog like a hawk now :)

  2. Blimey Nancy, I have to hand it to you, you are really dedicated!! I would love to train a running A Frame but I am just not sure I would have the patience.....or a good enough 'eye'!

    She is looking fab!!

  3. ive done the same, i think i must have watched every youtube vid. when i was making my mind up on whether to teach a running aframe or not x

  4. She is looking really good x