Thursday, 23 April 2009

Garden in the sunshine

Thought I'd post a few more pictures of the garden which is looking so lovely right now. I never tire of our garden - it is full of interest and different little areas which spring into life at different times. It is quite hard work but I like spending time out there. It isn't a posh neat garden so it doesn't matter if a few wild things take over. It always looks nice if the back lawn is cut and sometimes that's all we have time for. We had a small garden at our last house so it's wonderful to have all this space. I love to sit in the kitchen or the small sitting room and just look out at the back garden. It's very beautiful and I think we are very lucky indeed.

The ponds is greening up, watched over by a little person ever hopeful of the fish food leaping out of the pond and landing in her mouth!

Let me out, I want to go and run through some tunnels!

Three wise monkeys

Our pink gravel patch - this is the cherry blossom!

Lovely colours

The bog garden starting to come to life

The apple tree in the 'secret garden'

Bluebells under the willow tree

The willow tree in full leaf

A small flowering tree which looks really beautiful at the moment

Another view of the 'secret garden'

I thought my Bessie mini rhododendron was resting this year but I was wrong - she has started to flower to keep Lizzie company!


  1. Your garden is truly gorgous I love the willow tree they are my favourite x

  2. Your garden is so idyllic, looks the perfect place to spend lazy summer afternoons :)