Monday, 6 April 2009

Great Weekend

It's so good to be back at agility shows. We took ourselves off to Scrambles UKA show on Friday. It was held at the same nice venue as the show last weekend. It's pretty good running ground and a lovely big exercise area for the non-working dogs to get a good play time and walk.

We both went on Friday and had mixed results. We both won a class and had faults in others but overall pretty good.

Saturday we were just too tired to go again so decided to have a day at home. I had a very lazy morning and then did a bit of training in the garden with Niamh and Zeki. Andy and Michael worked most of the day in Michael's workshop making up the new fire surround for our little sitting room. It's really nice and I'll post a picture once it's completely finished and in place. Whilst they were working I took all the dogs out in the garden and tried to read my book. This was impossible as the two shelties and Poppy kept putting toys in my lap so I gave in and played with them. It was a lovely afternoon and very relaxing (apart from the playing of course!) Andy and Michael were just the other side of the fence so the dogs kept running up and down trying to work out why Andy was in next door's garden.

On Sunday I went back to UKA and Andy went to the sheltie show. We both had a good time but I think my day was nicer out in the sunshine rather than being stuck in a dusty riding school! I have enough agility points for Niamh's progression to championship level in UKA so I decided to train her agility round. I ran normally until the A-Frame which was last but three and then did a run by and rewarded her with the ball. I competed in my other classes and managed to gain some more points in jumping, games and steeplechase.

Was very tired this morning! Leah came over and we did some training in the garden with Hex and Niamh. Then I got Zeki out and let Leah take a look at her running A-Frame. It was good to have another pair of eyes on it. Leah thinks Zeki definitely understands that she musn't jump and gave me some good tips to further my training. So far so good! We are now up to full height and so I must get Andy to take some more video for me.

That's about it for now. Here is a little film of a couple of our runs from Friday's UKA show.

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