Thursday, 16 April 2009

Lots going on

I'm so tired and the weekend isn't even here yet. Thankfully I have only two runs per day at Wallingford, I don't think I could cope with more than that!

I had a huge tidy up in the front driveway today. The weeds were going mad so I decided to wage war on them big time. It looks much tidier now but I doubt it will last long. The hedges need cutting but that's a man's job!

We had to move the huge stack of fence panels from the front down to the yard. Michael and Andy did this in three hits. They carried two panels at a time between them. I had one little turn but could only manage one panel at a time (with Andy). I only did six but I couldn't feel my fingers after that. How they managed to carry two at a time I have no idea. In total we had to shift 54 fence panels. We had to get them done this week otherwise we wouldn't have been able to get the caravan out.

That was another megga job this week. I hadn't stepped inside the caravan since last September. I did wash all the dog bedding, linen, bench covers etc but had just chucked it all back in. We always empty our caravan of stuff for the winter so as well as tidying it up I also had to re-stock. No doubt I will have forgotten something essential. Once that first trip is out of the way it's not so bad but I hate stocking up after the winter. It took me best part of a day to do it all. I had forgotten to vacuum the carpets so had to do that as well. The outside of the caravan is very dirty after the winter but that isn't my department!

Our next door neighbour Geoff is upgrading the electrics on the new jeep. It only had a single electric hook and we need a double in order to run the fridge when we're travelling. It's so nice of Geoff to do this, last night he was out front in the dark still trying to get it sorted for us by the weekend. We have such wonderful neighbours, we are very lucky.

I am so tired after all this work on top of all the stuff Andy keeps making me do in the office. I have to find the energy to train Niamh this evening, hopefully Leah will be kind and not make me run too much. I think two or three obstacles in a sequence will be quite enough for me tonight ..... I should be so lucky!

Here are some pictures from the garden which is starting to bloom and look lovely after the long tedious winter.

Gorgeous pink

We are lucky with the magnolia this year as the frost didn't get it

More gorgeous pink flowers

My dwarf rhododendron - Elizabeth. Mum bought this for me many years ago in memory of my first dog "Lizzie". She is really flowering well this year. Just behind her is another dwarf rhody - Scarlet Wonder. This one Mum bought in memory of my beautiful red and white collie "Bess". She is having a year off from flowering. We moved both plants with us and luckily they have taken really well in their new spots.

My little rose that Sarah and Steve bought in memory of Abbey. She is starting to shoot. This is where I scattered some of her ashes on what would have been her birthday a couple of weeks back.

A view down to the agility area - you can see the lovely green hue as everything starts to grow. I can tell the trees are starting to green up as my hay fever started this week and it's always in conjunction with the trees starting to grow their new leaves.

The pile of close board fence panels and posts that had to be moved from the front. Thank goodness that is done. Thank you Michael for helping. Somehow my little contribution seems pathetic when you look at the stack!

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  1. Phew. Like you I have been busy in the garden - planting, planting and planting and I still haven;t got the potatoes in! It is wondeful to see all the green and blossom, I agree. Hx