Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Walk in the snow

Today I ventured out for a walk with the dogs rather than just staying in the garden. It's still quite cold here but a lot of the snow has now melted. The roads are pretty clear but there's still a lot in the garden and across the fields.

I forgot how lovely and clean the dogs stay when they walk in the snow. It's wonderful. No dirty dogs to clean up. It's the first day in ages that I haven't ended up with a pile of filthy dog towels after their walk.

Some of the walking through the snow was hard going. It was quite deep in some places and less so in others. My legs ached quite a lot by the time we finished our walk. The dogs had a lovely time. About an hour after we got home and they were tucked up in their beds a couple of them cried at the back door - they needed to go out for a huge wee because they'd consumed so much snow on their walk. The guilty ones were Murphy and Zeki!

Here are some pictures:

... and a little film of the termites playing in the snow!

We are training this evening but our number is greatly reduced as a few people don't want to travel which is absolutely understandable. Some of the more local folk do want to train though so we're putting on one big class and the foundation class. If Nicole doesn't make it to that with Indy then Zeki and I will be all by ourselves. I much prefer it when the class is full as it's more interesting and much better for Zeki's ongoing education!


  1. I'm jealous of your snow. The little we did have has long gone so it was back to having a muddy walk this morning =(

  2. Looks like you all had a lovely walk too, your dogs look warm as toast in their new jackets, go on Andy dont be mean princess really needs one ;-)!!!!