Monday, 2 February 2009

Smart new coats and a new kit bag for my van

My three girls have beautiful new winter jackets. I bought them from Cammddwr Canine which is run by agility friends Ann and Stuart Harmes. I love dealing with them because they are so helpful and they have really good quality gear. We bought our Hurtta wet gear from them last year and it is fantastic, the best wet gear I've ever owned. Now my three girls are just as well kitted out for cold and wet weather. Poor little Kizzle, Murphy and Becks - their Dad is too mean to buy them new coats. He would rather spend his money on bling for his Harley Davidson. How bad is that? p.s. I'm working on it though!

Here are my girls modelling their new coats, aren't they gorgeous (coats and dogs!)

Poppy, Niamh and Zeki in their new coats. I actually ordered the wrong size for Zeki so Ann is kindly sending me the next size up. Meantime the above coat has gone as a present to a certain little poodle! You can see in the above photo that Zeki's is a little too neat!

Naughty Niamh grudgingly modelling her coat

Dear little Pops all in red.

Bernadette has some really good crate kit bags that she hangs on her car cages. I was very jealous and hopefully I might be getting one or two shipped from the U.S. at some stage. Meantime I found a nice doggie kit bag in the garden centre when I was browsing for bird food etc. I bought it and hoped that Andy would be able to tie it onto my cages. I wanted a bag as it takes up less space than the box I used to carry round with my bits and pieces in.

Anyway, once again Michael to the rescue. We borrowed the idea of having clips on the kit bag and cut the clips off a shoulder strap from a spare holdall. Michael sewed them on for me et voila:



  1. How pleased is Tikka that you ordered the wrong size for Zeki? thank you so much for Tikka's coat she loves it and just in time for the snow she is the new kid on the block xxxxx

  2. I have to agree my Hurtta coat is the best I have ever owned too. What lucky dogs - they look fab! And warm as toast! x

  3. ...Just out of interest, what do you put in your kit bag?

  4. Hi Angela

    Dog treats, brush, flexi lead, spare lead, poo bags, bungees, relfector sheet for sunny weather, water bottle, e-cloths, first aid kit (human + canine) that kind of stuff!