Thursday, 26 February 2009

Tuesday Training

On Tuesday we set up a weave drilling sequence which we spotted in an issue of Clean Run magazine. It looked really good and there is masses to do. We managed to complete only a very small number of the various exercises and plan to set it up again in a month's time.

We worked on getting the dogs to find the weave entries independently of the handler and also on building lateral distance, leaving the dogs and handler peeling away from weaves to move into position for next obstacle. Some of us also worked on layering the tunnel when completing #6-8 (squares) in Fig.1. There are so many exercises to work on and of course at least three or four ways of tackling each individual sequence.

Most of the sequences are original but a couple we made up ourselves. Can't wait for the next session of using this pattern!

Thanks to Nancy Gyes for agreeing to me posting the sequences on the blog. I can't re-produce the actual articles from Clean Run as that would be an infringement of copyright but Nancy is happy for me to illustrate the sequence and the patterns we chose to train on.

Here are the exercises we worked on:



# 8/12 (Fig.1) and # 3/10 (Fig.2) is a table in the original sequences but we chose to substitute the table with a jump. We completed all of the exercises in the two illustrations.

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  1. hahaha I was getting in a real knot trying to work out which direction you were going in in these as there were multiple numbers then I realised some were circles and some were hope for me, hx