Monday, 23 February 2009

Tired, happy dogs ... the best sight in the world!

We did some nice walks at the weekend and also some training so our girls were very tired.

Poppy is particularly worn out as she has occupied Zeki's space in our agility foundation class for the past two weeks. I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed this. Poppy still has huge amounts of drive and a desire to learn new things at almost 12. She has so enjoyed the experience and although I'm looking forward to getting back to the class with Zeki, part of me will feel very sad that I can't also do it with Poppy.

It has made me think that I will probably do something in the garden in the spring time and invite a few like-minded friends with their older dogs. It would be something along the lines of the foundation class with cones and wobble boards and other interactive objects.

Here are some pictures of my sleepy girls plus Kizzy. I'm not sure why I didn't take shots of Murphy and Becky ..... I will remember to next time they are looking cute.

Dear little Poppy: tired, satisfied and fast asleep

Princess Kizzy resting: this is quite usual for Kizzy regardless of whether she has had any exercise or training!!

A rare sight: My beautiful little Zeki looking (and acting) tired. Make the most of this!

And finally, my gorgeous Naughty Niamh snuggled on her own special sofa
thoroughly satisfied after a nice walk. Niamh is the most 'satisfied' dog I've ever owned. Once she's had her walk or some training or preferably both, she snuggles down for a really good sleep. This always makes me feel good as I love to see a well satisfied, appreciative dog.


  1. I've heard all about Poppy at the puppy training classes, I understand that a plaster was required at one point ;)
    Zeki looks so tired, never thought I'd see a picture like that.

  2. What a great idea for the older dogs. It's so lovely to still be able to give them their own special time so that they feel included. It's all too easy for them to feel left out!

    They look like a bunch of very contented dogs!! :-)

  3. Yeah, I love driving back from somewhere where we have had a really good walk and the dogs hop in their crates and just go straight to sleep, or we walk round here and they have their supper and then its flat out or feet in the air time :) There is something really settling and homely about having happily relaxed dogs lying about. hx