Monday, 12 April 2010

My lovely long weekend - Day Three

I arrived at Shuttleworth really early on the Sunday morning and managed to secure some good parking. Leah, Jay, Vicky and Natalie parked with me and we had a nice little spot backing on to a tree. We didn't have far to walk to the rings which was good as it's big show and with two dogs to run it was nice to be close to the car.

Another beautiful day although not as warm as the previous two. The air was colder and there was quite a cutting wind. Better for the dogs though. I really enjoyed this show, it was lovely to be with my friends and have coffee together and go and watch each other run. We hadn't really done much of that at Scunthorpe due to the champ class which kind of takes over everything.

Everyone did well with good placings for Kai, Molly, Hex and Stihl. Niamh and I had one clear round but due to a wrong turn we didn't get placed. Our other two rounds were good but each contained a pilot error. I was pleased that Niamh stood up on the start line in her jumping round as it meant I could correct her. I ran back and she sat before I reached her. It did the trick as she sat really still in her final class of the day. Bless her little heart. She is so keen on the start line that she is actually starting to shake. I can't knock that enthusiasm for sure but I need to keep the start line wait strong. I need to do some positive training on start line waits with NN!

Zeki also had three runs. Her first was her last G3 agility class and I am so delighted that she won it. She really ran well in the class and won by 2 seconds. This could have been a bigger margin but there was a huge run across half the ring between #15 and #16. Instead of just moving through the gap, I phaffed about and we had a twirl but luckily managed to stay on track. Good dog; bad handler syndrome strikes again!

I have found another area requiring training as Zeki ran by the collapsible tunnel in both of her following classes. To be fair I just left her to it in the first one because we'd already been eliminated but in the next class I made a point of pausing but she still did it. She runs outside the tunnel rather than cutting in to me. So, that is homework for this week. She really moved up a gear in her jumping class and the reason we got eliminated was because she just ignored a rear cross and carried on up the line instead of changing direction with me. I think this is a good thing as long as I'm aware!

Then it was the longish drive home from Shuttleworth. Jason being the kind soul he is bought me a cappuccino for the journey and it helped to keep me awake. I was very very tired when I arrived home at 7.00 pm but very very very happy. I had the best time with my wonderful dogs and lovely friends.

Here are my two clever girls after their long weekend.


  1. I think the sunny weather helped us all have wonderful weekends! That is fantastic for NN; the first of many champ finals for you both.

  2. Cor you are having fun, well done, they both look great, see you soon!

  3. well done on your long weekends achievments with your gorgeous girls and thank you for your support on Friday :-) oh and POPPY !!!! glad she enjoyed the left over soup bless her !

  4. Well done on what sounds like an absolutely fantastic few days!!! I am soooo jealous reading about it all! Can't wait to come over again and see everyone. And I think Smudge would enjoy being back at shows too! :)

  5. woohoo, fab results seems to have been an epic weekend of agility for sure :-)

  6. Also congratulations to Zeki, the little star!