Friday, 16 April 2010

More Zeki from UKA

Thank you Gran'ma for filming Zeki's other two rounds from UKA last Friday. I think I was rather lucky to win the jumping class as I would have marked me 5 for a refusal but the judge must have been feeling generous!


  1. She's is fantastic isn't she :)

    It didn't look like she'd gone past the wing so more of a deviation than a refusal :)

  2. Thank you Paula.

    Well I believe it's a refusal rather than a run by. To my mind the jump was plainly the next obstacle and she pulled away from it which is a refusal (not a run by). I think going past the wing refers only to a run by but there is also a fault permissible for a refusal. Anyway, we were clear so I got lucky!

  3. ...You win some, you lose some!
    She looks great.....