Monday, 12 April 2010

My lovely long weekend - Day One

What a lovely weekend I have had. It was actually a long weekend as it started on Friday. I took myself and my three girls off to a UKA show at a beautiful venue near Reading. It's right beside the Thames and just a lovely place to be.

It was a great fun day out and my main focus was Zeki. I've been working on her start line set up and UKA is a great place to relax and strengthen performance in all sorts of areas. The start line is really coming along and I've gone back to my little set up routine where she sits facing me and then I ask her to go between my legs and either come to side or heel depending on which side I want to lead out. Before I leave her I ask for a nose touch on the palm of my hand which she has to reach up to do. It is really helping to get her focused and ready to run. Much better! I just wish I could achieve something similar with the NN! Her start lines are a little on the edge at the moment!

I know that the classes are tiny at UKA, especially on a Friday, but the thing that pleased me was we found some consistency. Zeki was clear in all three of her classes and won all of them. Poor Niamh, I let her down as I just couldn't remember her courses and didn't even walk one of them properly so I elected to train that round! Some of the courses for Niamh were run over the same jump layouts that Zeki had run in but with the numbers in different places and this isn't good for my brain.

I had a thoroughly enjoyable day with Karen, Rosie and Bernadette and enjoyed watching all three of them run their young dogs in a competition for the first time. Needless to say they all did really well. UKA is a fantastic environment for young dogs and we are very lucky to have it.

Poppy had a lovely day with some time out around the rings and also pestering us throughout lunch.

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  1. Well done on your wins! Whats your email addy? I'll send you the pic of Zeki x