Saturday, 10 October 2009

Our little visitor has gone home

We had Zaz to stay for a week recently whilst Bernadette and Dennis visited family over the pond.

She has gone home now and we really miss her. This was her second stay with us in a short space of time and it was so sweet to watch how easily she fitted back in on her second visit. Her confidence had grown and she was part of the family. I did tell Bernadette that she couldn't take her back but for some strange reason she ignored me!

I loved having her to stay as she is such a good little girl. She adored Niamh and followed her on walks. Our sheltie playtime became even more over the top with three of them racing round and climbing on each other.

Here are some photos taken during her visit:

The bone box full of bones

Someone paying the first of many visits to the bone box

All the bones have now gone, I wonder where?

That's easy, here they all are and they're all mine!

Three-way sheltie play time (interestingly Zaz didn't join in with this ritual on her first visit but was well up for it second time round!)

More sheltie play time - there's that damn Croc again!

Here is Zaz playing with Fred the Frog, Susie Spider watches in the background!
(I know, I am sad!)

Niamh wants to join in but this is only for shelties!

So she gives up and retires to the sofa, hurt and offended

But not for long as home comforts are much better than playing stupid sheltie games!


  1. ...Ha ha, that just means, when your ready for another one or two or ..... you can just fit them in!

  2. Great photo's! Looks like Zaz has found a home from home! :)

    P.S You really must get that Croc better trained. It's stays are obviously apalling!!! :)

  3. Thanks again! I know Zaz was in the safest hands possible! And she enjoyed all her walks and wonders why we don't have such good bones!