Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Birthdays, old friends, beautiful autumn sunshine

Andy has taken some time off today so we could go for a long walk with the dogs and have lunch. This is really to celebrate his birthday (and no, I'm not going to say which birthday but it's the wrong side of something for sure!) but also time for me to reflect on the passing of a very old friend and someone who meant a lot to me a very long time ago. I wanted to mark his passing on my blog and I hope that he finds peace and meets up with old friends on the other side, including Lizzie, Bess and Daisy the beautiful dogs and cat we shared.

So, off we went for a lovely Autumn walk which was a good thing to do on this beautiful but sad day.

Here are some pictures of our doglets enjoying themselves. Happy Birthday to Andy and I'm sorry that I'm not the best company today on your birthday.

I'm not sure how much energy Kizzy will have for training this evening!


  1. Sorry your having a sad time. Shorts in October? The weather must be great.

  2. The dogs do help us to not be too sad don't they? How can you be sad when Poppy is rolling in fox poo?
    Hugs xx B